Demolition Part 2

Here is the second part of the house demolition. We knocked down the rest of the drywall and several walls, tore up the floors, and started with the roof. The leaves were falling and so were our walls! The weather was turning cooler, but our enthusiasm for the project was heating up! Okay, enough silly puns! 😉

Also, I apologize for the poor photo quality. I don’t have a great camera and I didn’t have an iPhone at that point. I hope to someday own a DSLR, but for now it’s just a dream! 🙂

Here are the pictures!

DSCN0171,electrical wires,burned

These are the BURNED electrical wires that were in the house! Can you say “Fire hazard”?

DSCN0177, bathroom renovation

The downstairs bathroom

DSCN0222,bathroom renovationA side view of the bathroom


Andrew taking down part of the wall

DSCN0218, kitchen renovationThe kitchen minus everything but the sink and a table

DSCN0184, home renovation

The living room

DSCN0182, home renovation, bedroom renovationA look into the front bedroom on the main floor

DSCN0181, home renovationThe hallway and bedrooms on the main floor. The room in the left corner was the spiderman

DSCN0209, home renovationThe tools were set up in the dining room

DSCN0210,home renovation

DSCN0205, home renovationUp the stairs to reveal…

DSCN0186, home renovation

… a big open space!

DSCN0196, home renovation

Down the middle from Mom’s room toward mine

DSCN0190, home renovation

The floor. Yes, you can see downstairs – a little disconcerting to me.

DSCN0199, home renovationThe ceiling and the open air above. They were also working on the roof at this point.

DSCN0237, home renovation

Pops and his ladder! 🙂

Next up is our new roof! The roof was “high” on our list of things to do before winter. Oh goodness, I guess I’m feeling punny today! 🙂


Two very eager workers!!


Part of the old roof torn off


The first half of the roof completed! My Pops and Nana chose a green metal roof. I think that the green ties in nicely with the surrounding trees and  I LOVE metal roofs. The sound of the rain is so calming and since I have an upper level bedroom, I will get to hear it well!


Here is the completed roof and just in time for the snow! Actually, it’s not all finished at this point. Pops wanted to wait to do the back half of the kitchen until he added the addition so that he could tie those areas together.

Have a Happy Wednesday! 🙂


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