Picture Vacation

I love taking vacations. Getting away from the stress and business of life is a real treat. I think about going away more in the summer. I think it’s because the weather is nice and the beach sounds extremely appealing when the weather is hot and steamy. I can’t afford to go to exotic and expensive places, but I do enjoy looking at them on Pinterest. I go to Pinterest when I want to go on a “picture” vacation.  I thought that I would share some of my top choices for summer escapes with you!

1. I looovvee the color of the water!


Source: pinimg.com via Katie on Pinterest

2. This so looks so peaceful and serene.

Tumblr m8hk02k6pt1qzvzhso1 1280

Source: coffeepearlsandpoetry.tumblr.com  via Katie on Pinterest

 3. Beautiful.


Source: crescentmoon06.tumblr.com via Katie on Pinterest

4. A great place to lounge and read a book!

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Source: bhg.com via Katie on Pinterest

5. Island.

Vilamendhoo resort spa 14

Source: victortravelblog.com via Katie on Pinterest

6. A gourmet dinner, good company, beach, and ocean breeze. A winning combination.


Source: pinimg.com via Katie on Pinterest

7. Secluded. Private. Yes!


 Source: 500px.com via Katie on Pinterest

I hope that you enjoyed a little mental mini vacation! Happy Friday!!