5 Things for Summer 2013 – Part One!

 Okay, here is the first project for summer 2013! I started with the plastic bag dispenser DIY.

Here is the original picture and the source. All credit for this idea goes to tatertots & jello.


Source: tatertotsandjello.com via Katie on Pinterest

This project took me approximately 45 minutes, but I wasn’t rushing. It was a fun and easy DIY (especially when paired with Pandora!).

I started with an old wipe container.

IMG 3677

I ripped of the label and decided to decorate it with washi tape.

IMG 3681

I LOVE my washi tape! It is so easy to use, fun, and versatile! 🙂

Next, I flattened 9 plastic grocery bags and folded them in half. You can do more/less depending on your preference and container size.

IMG 3694

Then I lined them all up with the handles overlapping.

IMG 3700

I folded the top handle up so that it would stick out of the roll and then rolled them up, making sure to roll all the handles in.

Here is the final roll

IMG 3702

And now, my finished product!

IMG 3706

I am very pleased with how it turned out and I know that I will use it! This is a fun project to do in an afternoon.

Have a happy Monday!