Happy Friday! I am so thankful for two whole days off. I plan on resting up and enjoying this gorgeous weather! 🙂

Today wasn’t the best of days. Sometimes the stress of life creeps in and crowds out the joyful moments. However, I am now lounging on the bed and enjoying the cool and refreshing evening breeze. I’m forgetting the bad of today and choosing to enjoy this beautiful evening – talking, laughing, and “Pinteresting” with my mama! 🙂

While on Pinterest I found a little encouragement and humor to end the day…


Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I found this pin particularly encouraging because that is exactly what I strive for. It’s a good reminder after a hard day. Even if all I ever take is small, manageable steps, I will eventually get somewhere and that is far better than never getting anywhere because I don’t do anything. Wow, that’s a mouth full, but I think its understandable. 😉

And a bit more about not giving up…


Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Just one more…

Source:  via Katie on Pinterest

And because it was a stressful day, I think that  a little humor is in order!


Source: Media-cache via Katie on Pinterest

Well, I’m back to pinteresting and relaxing. I hope that this post will encourage you to keep moving forward even if you had a hard day too!