52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose: 10 Things I Live For

Today I’m participating in a link-up about blogging with a purpose and this week the topic is about the most important things in life. I thought it would be a fun way for you to get to know me a little better! ūüôā

10 Things I live For:

My Savior. I ¬†am so grateful for His everlasting love. God has carried me through many valleys and He still continues to be my rock and foundation. I’m so thankful that¬†Jesus died on the cross for me and His blood covers my sins. I want Him to be number one in my life and I strive to honor Him in all that I do.

My Family.¬†I have one of the best families in the world! All my Aunts and Uncles live within 10 minutes of my house and we’ve always been very close. My mama is my best friend and has always taken such great care of me and loved me! Mama and I have lived with Pops and Nana for my entire life and I am so thankful for the loving home they have provided.

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Friends. I love getting together with friends and just talking. It’s a true blessing when you have someone to share life with. Since my family lives so close, I¬†had the opportunity to grow up alongside my cousins and I still love hanging out with them. I’m so blessed to have such close cousins because I never had any siblings. They have become some of my greatest friends!

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My Nanny Kids.¬†At this point I don’t have any of my own children, but I do have nanny kids! I love watching them grow and learn. It’s such gift to be able to be part of two little lives in this exciting stage of life! I cherish my story times, snuggles, and great conversations with these children!

Organization. I live for organization. Chaos is simply not an option for me. I work best in a neat and tidy environment. I find organizing to be very calming. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being outside. ¬†The beauty of God’s creation is simply breathtaking. I love the fresh air and sunshine. I love the beach, nature, walking in the sunset, reading in the breeze, swinging, and much more. If I’m stressed out, I find that some fresh air is one of the best cures around.

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Laughter. ¬†I love to laugh! It truly is the best medicine. Even when things aren’t going well, laughing will always cheer me up! ūüôā

Projects. ¬†I’m a project girl! I craft, DIY, re-purpose, and re-do. If I have a project going, ¬†I’m happy. I also like to take on projects like helping in the church nursery or organizing a banquet. Projects help fill my time and give me purpose.

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Music. ¬†Music speaks to my soul. It never fails to perk me up when I’m feeling down. Music can change my mood like nothing else. Music helped through long nights of homework, it helps me relax, it helps me celebrate, and it helps me contemplate. I often wish that music played ¬†in my life, just like it does in movies. That would be fantastic!

Pictures. I don’t have a great camera right now. In fact, I take photos with my iPhone. However, the quality isn’t as important as the memories that are preserved. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t take at least a couple of photos. I adore looking back through the years and seeing what was going on and how everyone looked. Pictures capture a little slice of life and preserve it forever. I love that!



I hate waiting.

Well, that’s not exactly true. Sometimes, I don’t mind waiting; i.e. in the grocery store ¬†when I’m not in a hurry or in traffic when there is a good song on the radio. However, my patience wears thin in a record amount of time when I have to wait in less ¬†than ideal conditions.

When I have to wait for someone to hurry up when I think that I’ll be late or when I have a headache and I’m just done. That’s when I really hate waiting. When I feel like I’ve been waiting for too long already. When I pray and ask God for help or to resolve a situation and He seems to take forever in His reply. When all I can about is that I’ve been waiting; that’s when things get really sticky. I don’t understand why God couldn’t just make something happen already! It always seems to me that there are a million reasons why God should answer now. But, that is not how God works. He has His own timing and His own agenda. He knows what is best for me and how long I should¬†wait.

I think that the moments in life where we get¬†stuck waiting are some of the most missed opportunities for growth and ,dare I say it, enjoyment. It’s in those moments of hardship and trial, that God can show us that He is all we need. He could help us learn how to live our lives in our less than ideal situation. He could bring us to a place in our lives where we really appreciate the value of life. Often, we don’t even want to see that as an option. We stubbornly persist in our complaining and therefore spoil the happiness and miss out on the peace that God wants to give us. If¬†you run into a trial in life and you can’t ever see past it, you will miss out on all the life that happens while you focus on only one thing: your trial.¬†Similarly, If you are always waiting for the next big thing and saying “I’ll really be living when I … graduate high school, graduate college, get a real job, buy a house, get married, have kids, pay of my ¬†loans…” and the list goes on, you’ll never enjoy the life that is right before you and you will die having never really lived.

I deal with waiting everyday. I know how hard it is to feel like you will never move on from a hard spot in life. I know how it’s so easy to say “I’ll be able to live my life when this is over”, but the reality is that “this” may never be over or it could take years. I’ve come to the conclusion that, although it is extremely difficult at times, the best option is to try to live your life despite your trials and enjoy the good things. God will help you to live in your trial and maybe, someday He will show you why He allowed it in your life. So, my goal is to enjoy the good in each an every moment and ask God to help me to see past the difficult and to help me to live in my trial and not sit around waiting for life to begin!


Source: tumblr.com via Katie on Pinterest