A couple of months after we purchased the house, the demolition began. The reason that we purchased such a fixer-upper was because my grandpa was a builder and he is extremely knowledgable about renovation, building, and houses. My cousin, Andrew, is interested in building work and he was able to do an apprenticeship with my grandpa and learn from him. This arrangement is working great because Andrew is gaining knowledge and skills and my grandpa has some help.

In the first few of months, some trees were cut down, they took down all the basement walls, tore apart the upstairs, and started a new roof.


Here is  a look at the back of the house after they cut down the trees and started getting ready to do the roof.


The front of the house after the trees were trimmed and the shrubs removed. Notice the garbage shoot into the dumpster in the far right corner of the house below the window!


Tree remains


The tool base camp


Here are the stairs to the basement after the tear down

DSCN0034Bare walls

DSCN0042A big picture view of the basement after all the walls came down

DSCN0100The upstairs demolition got messy! This is my grandpa scraping the junk into the dumpster.


A look at the dumpster

DSCN0060Here is my mom’s room with half her ceiling torn out



DSCN0087Here is my room. Notice how my room (red) has been joined with the little blue room on the right. In the middle is the door to the storage room, which will be our storage. I am so happy about having such a huge room to store my stuff (mom’s too) and it is connected to my bedroom!!


It got VERY dirty!! These pictures look a bit blurry because of all the dust flying around up there.


Andrew, working hard!!!

DSCN0107They took up all the hardwood in the upper level to save and put back in the house


Convenient 🙂

This process was so much fun to watch. The progress was very quick and it was so much fun to see the spaces opened up! It opened the doors to dream up how we wanted to put the house back together. Demolition Part 2 is coming up next!