House Project Video Tour!!!

Good morning! I’m so excited to bring you all a video today!

This is a house tour of our new house before we changed anything! It helps give a better idea of the orginal layout and size of things. Since, most of the lighting in the house wasn’t working, the video is a bit dark, especially the basement. I apologize in advance for the changing angles in the video. I don’t know what I was thinking when I took this video, but I figured that a weird video was better than none.

Also, I wasn’t originally planning on sharing this video with the world via internet, so please forgive my corny narration! One more thing- I talk about the new layout in the video, but we ended up changing most of it, so stay tuned for some major layout changes in future posts!

Enjoy the house tour! 🙂

If you are keeping up with the House Project series, you’ve already seen some of the demolition and what a huge change it made! Look for another House Project post next week! If you missed the first two posts, the links are below.

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Happy Saturday!